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thank you

sooo….at last we have our new scm hp. thank you yuri and ingrid for making it all possible.  i believe ingrid in the end took the challenge and enjoyed her accomplishment.alois thank you for coaching her.

my dear DONORS, the last four years you have given scm your generous and kind support, this has made it possible for scm to grow positively. from the heart, ingrid and i thank you for your generosity and for believing in our children who are determined to have a better future.

thank you, thank you ALL. the list of names are much too long to write, but gratitude isn’t. our first scm calendar & recipes 2017 have successfully reached it’s LIMITED EDITION – every one of you are SIMPLY THE BEST! YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

for november, 2016 we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., susan w., tom st., sybille f.-st., manuela sch., gianfranco p., jasmina p., enrique g., martina b., goran z. & yuri s., linda & pierre b., marlis w., judy & marc r., jackie & guy r. and asia store gmbh, dietikon for their kind support.

hans-peter what a wonderful spontaneous calendar sale that was in a cafe in zurich. hope your dear wife enjoys trying out our recipes.

once again a special thank you to SWISS for allowing scm to take along an extra FREE luggage to myanmar in december 2016. thank you laura & cem g. for donating the suitcase.

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donations, Q4, 2023

for the last quarter we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., rita r., margret k., linda & pierre b., silvana & marco s., manuela & alexander z., ramona w. and dr. ralf g.


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