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Instinctively one bright morning in 2012, I knew, I had to return to my native country and support the less fortunate children in the deprived areas of Thingangyun. When I informed my family of my future intentions, my daughter Ingrid with tremendous enthusiasm, decided to make this a joint venture.

What I saw in the deprived areas of Thingangyun back in 2012 – children living in poverty, lack of adult education and malnourishment. I was convinced that the change in the country and additional support in the English language for the children would be a great beginning for a brighter future.

Knowledge of the international language and economical change in Myanmar enables the less fortunate children to earn a living and go beyond personal poverty.

Karen-Ann (Ohn Mar Aye)

our story


our team

president / co-founder

Ingrid Kesselring

Khine Khine Kyaw

SCM founder


Karen-Ann Kesselring

Ohn Mar Aye

tuition teacher

Honey Soe

assistant / bookkeeping

Aye Aye Lwin

assistant / bookkeeping


webdesign & support


our trustee, irene, has been accompanying and advising smiling children-myanmar

since its foundation

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