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we are still in the middle of a transition period with scm‘s KG english conversation weekly lessons. over the years i have learnt that due to extreme poverty, parents often are forced to move home constantly.

in the last six years four from our previous group of students now speak basic english. they also have the basic british council (cambridge) certificates in order to continue further studies in the english language.

scm feels strongly that when these children eventually mature their basic achievements will encourage them to recognize how important the english language is in order to rise above poverty and join the working force in life.

i believe that children also need recognition,  acceptance and identity in order to find their true calling in life.

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donations, Q4, 2023

for the last quarter we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., rita r., margret k., linda & pierre b., silvana & marco s., manuela & alexander z., ramona w. and dr. ralf g.

donations Q1-Q3, 2023

for Q1-Q3, 2023 we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., roy g., helgard & reinhard b.,  marianne & adrian g., silvia & guido c., marianne & hans sch., elisabeth g. and susanne &


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