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february 7th, 2024 - launch, new scm homepage

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb.

after a stirred year in 2023, the scm team has undergone a revamp. at this point, we extend a warm welcome to our new team member, alexa. heartfelt thanks go out to her for the wonderful, creative & charity work as well as for her unconditional support. today marked our last face-to-face briefing. the new homepage went live earlier this week, and while we're still fine-tuning, we're thrilled with the successful reboot. an exciting chapter unfolds, and we value the commitment and expertise of each team member on this journey. thank you!

i am convinced that our founder, karen-ann, would have been thrilled about our re-design and that her ,soul project' will persist.

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donations, Q4, 2023

for the last quarter we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., rita r., margret k., linda & pierre b., silvana & marco s., manuela & alexander z., ramona w. and dr. ralf g.

donations Q1-Q3, 2023

for Q1-Q3, 2023 we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., roy g., helgard & reinhard b.,  marianne & adrian g., silvia & guido c., marianne & hans sch., elisabeth g. and susanne &


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