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2018 smiling children-myanmar

2018 is the right time to restructure our whole concept and adapt accordingly.

within these last five years four out of ten scm students have managed to pass the BRITISH COUNCIL MOVERS and FLYERS EXAMS .

four of the six creative female students will be given basic weekly SEWING LESSONS at our SCM premises, as off this year 2018.

two of our brightest students will continue to have weekly TUITION with scm teacher RUTH.

i have decided to regroup our SCM ENGLISH CONVERSATION lessons with ten PRE-SCHOOL aged children. with the assistance of aye aye lwin i have personally chosen these children from the depths of THINGANGYUN’s deprived area. we will literally begin from ABC and progress gradually with our english pre-school conversation teacher JULIA.


SCM will offer a monthly warm nourishment meal to the GOVERNMENT PRE-SCHOOL in which our ten children attend daily school.

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donations, Q4, 2023

for the last quarter we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., rita r., margret k., linda & pierre b., silvana & marco s., manuela & alexander z., ramona w. and dr. ralf g.

donations Q1-Q3, 2023

for Q1-Q3, 2023 we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., ivanka g., roy g., helgard & reinhard b.,  marianne & adrian g., silvia & guido c., marianne & hans sch., elisabeth g. and susanne &


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