out of poverty thru education and nourishment



due to the present situation in myanmar YAS school education continues with HOME ZOOM LESSONS. scm students additionally attend daily private homework tuition lessons.



all four scm children are now attending YAS (yangon adventist seminary private school) in yangon



three SCM children begin attending YANGON ADVENTIST SEMINARY PRIVATE SCHOOL education





one child is attending GOVERNMENT PRIVATE SCHOOL N3 in thingangyun

soup kitchen


2020 – 2022

covid-19 and the situation in myanmar unfortunately put a stop on scm food donations to the disabled children centre. scm children and family are receiving monthly food provisions.

2018 – 2019

SCM monthly Soup Kitchen donation is given to the DISABLED CARE CENTER in Mayangon Township.

The Center consist of 88 disabled orphans. SCM offers a modest monthly provision of rice, oil, onions, garlic and ginger.


January, 2017 I revisited the Yatana Bon Yeik Nyein School & Orphanage. I introduced our SCM Yangon Assistant Aye Aye Lwin to the Abbot. SCM continues to donate a monthly tasty warm meat veg. curry, soup rice and soft drinks. All this is organized by Aye Aye Lwin


Due to SCM Yangon Team restructuring. Yatana Bon Yeik Nyein School & Orphanage received from January to March a monthly nourishing meal for the 110 children. SCM will continue again in December.


SCM Soup Kitchen feeds monthly 400 children at Primary School in Thingangyun.
Yatana Bon Yeik Nyein School & Orphanage receives from SCM a monthly meal for 110 children.


The Primary School has been divided into two schools. SCM treats 1’000 children to a monthly meal. Thingangyun is increasing in population rapidly.
Headmistresses and parents organise the monthly luncheon perfectly.

2012 – 2013

smiling children-myanmar organised an open air soup kitchen. SCM feeds 150-400 children in the deprived area of Thingangyun. This takes place every third Sunday (2-3pm) of each month. Aye Aye Lwin and Bogji where kindly recommended to SCM by Friends For Myanmar, Wales.



scm english conversation school



weekly english private tuition for british council cambridge english certificate



As of January, 2018 SCM has a group of ten children attending weekly KINDERGARDEN ENGLISH CLASSES.

SCM previous group of ten students have now progressed accordingly. Four students passed different BRITISH COUNCIL ENGLISH CERTIFICATES. Two are continuing with private tuition for the higher BC levels.



January, 2017 SCM made a covenant with the Mother Superior of St. Joseph’s Convent in Thingangyun.  

SCM occupies a room at the convent for our weekly Saturday English lessons.

As of May, 2017 Sister Petra will be teaching our students. We are very fortunate to have yet another qualified English teacher join our SCM concept.

Teacher Ruth continues to teach and prepare our three bright students for their British Council Certificate in English.


10 students attend SCM English conversation lessons every Saturday by a qualified English teacher Ms. Ruth Abraham. Two bright SCM students are given extra English tuition (twice a week) by teacher Ruth in preparation for the British Council Movers Cambridge Certificate in 2017.


Julie Knight a (volunteer) English teacher has joined SCM School. Once a month Julie teaches our youngest pupils in English conversation. SCM (20) children attend English lessons instructed by Ma Swe and are treated to a nourshing warm burmese meal.


20 children attend English lessons instructed by Ma Swe. The children are treated to their favourite drink and snack.


In November opened SCM English conversation School in Thingangyun. 10 children attend weekly English conversation. Soe Tint gives English conversation tuition

Opened SCM School in November 2013 (10 children)
Learning English conversation once a week


st. joseph’s convent

St. Joseph’s Convent in Thingangyun receives a monthly donation from SCM. Fifteen girls (Boarders)
from the hills of Myanmar attend weekly english conversation lessons. They are also served a nourishing meal.



sewing lessons


SCM has a team of four female students attending our weekly basic sewing lessons.

Ko Ko our Teacher is a self-employed qualified SEAMSTRESS from Thingangyun.

Presently the students are taught how to create a pattern and sew SCM’s ,shopper‘ bag from traditional folk designed materials.

Students that show creative interest and sewing talents will be encouraged to attend a Professional Seamstress School when they have completed the tenth standard. SCM will cover the expenses.

Thus, assisting the young generation in becoming self sufficient.