april, 2022 – summer vacation

summer vacation has begun and our scm children are enjoying learning english conversation with patricia (second year psychology) our private tuition teacherwe

march, 2022 – scm childrens grandmas

we have managed to show and instruct scm‘s childrens grandmas (a team) to go to western union, collect their monthly food provision

march 2022 – final school exams 2021/2022

today our children had to sit for the final year 2021-2022 exams at the school. yas zoom lessons at home will continue.

january, 2022 – food donations

we are grateful for the donation scm received from helgard, reinhard and katja to purchase food for our scm children and their

donations october – december, 2021

for october until december, 2021 we would like to thank our donors: ana & zvoni k., helgard & reinhard b., marianne &

happy birthday

december, 2021 – christmas song from our scm students

november 2021 food provision

scm student dennis with his november 2021 food provision - THANK YOU

november, 2021 – appeal for donations / spendenaufruf

the despairing present situation in myanmar has made it very difficult for our underprivileged scm families to earn a modest living. with

november, 2021 – homeschooling

we are really happy to be able to show you how enthusiastic our scm children are in learning. YAS private zoom lessons

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