september, 2021 – scm tuition at home

august, 2021 – preparation for kindergarten

julianna and george tuition in preparation for 2022 YAS kindergarten    

august, 2021 – new tuition teacher

scm welcomes NAR MI SHAEL as our homework tuition teacher. YAS zoom school lessons 2021/2022 have begun.  

july, 2021- angel

angel our eldest scm student attending her daily YAS zoom lessons

july, 2021 – dennis

dennis having his 2nd year zoom lessons with YAS

may in a traditional costume

july, 2021 – christina

christina has to take private tuition (YAS text books) for a year in preparation for the YAS ENTRY EXAMS in 2022

july, 2021 – nicholas

nicholas on his first YAS zoom school day 2021/2022

july, 2021 – may

sweet little may having her very first YAS 1st kindergarten zoom lesson  

june, 2021 – homestudies


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